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We are sorry to inform you that Moonage Daydream has reached the end of its days. We wanted to try to prevent this from happening but interest in the site has died down quite a bit, as has activity from our members. Both of us are extremely grateful for all of you who have stuck with us and given us a fun run; MADD has been the site that we're the most proud of thus far, and we do have plans to reopen it in the future. For now, it's being left for those who have registered accounts to log in and continue to roleplay here if you wish or just to reminisce. Keep an eye out for our next project (because lets face it, we always have some kind of site online), and we hope that we'll see you again the next time we open up MADD. Most of you should have us on aim already, but if not, you can find us at amazingsinners and alwaysharleen. Stay beautiful and we'll roleplay again soon!

--- sin + harlee

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